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Safe Schools

Pete Fraley, Safe Schools Coordinator
Dara'Su Williams, Safe Schools Administrator

School Resource Officers

Oran Smith
School Resource Officer

Boyd County High School and Boyd County Central
BCHS - 14375 Lions Lane;  606-928-7100
BCC- 2901 W. Pigeon Roost Rd.;  606-606-928-5801

David White
School Resource Officer

Boyd County Middle School
1226 Summit Rd.

Brad Wiley
School Resource Officer

Cannonsburg Elementary, Boyd County Career and Technical Education Center, BCECA
Cannonsburg -  12219 Midland Trail Rd.;  606-928-7131
BCCTEC - 12300 Midland Trail Rd.;  606-928-7120
BCECA - 12307 Midland Trail Road; 606.928.7110

Lisha Branham
School Resource Officer

Catlettsburg Elementary 
Catlettsburg-  3348 Court Street


Jeff Waskey
School Resource Officer
Summit Elementary
830 St. Rt. 716

Greg Powers
School Resource Officer

Ponderosa Elementary
16701 Ponderosa Drive




Symbols for lock procedures graphic.


Drill and Emergency Procedures

  • Earthquake - Drop, cover, and attempt to hold on to something that is stationary.
  • Fire – Staff will guide students to the safety zone in an orderly manner. Take roll of your students and inform your supervisor if all are present or if any student is missing.
  • Lockdown - Staff and students remain in their classrooms and work areas (with some exceptions). Lock all doors and turn off lights. Try to hide from interior windows at an angle from the classroom door. All students/staff MUST remain quiet. DO NOT open your door for anyone! The First Responders or other school staff will open your door with a key to let you out and communicate the ALL CLEAR. If your students are in the hallway, go out the nearest exit and find a safe place away from the school. If you are in a restroom, place your feet up with complete silence. If you hear a fire alarm or an announcement on the intercom or a telephone call to your room, disregard and remain in the classroom or safe area. Please remain CALM and SILENT.
  • Lockout/Shelter in Place - Staff and students remain inside the classrooms and work areas. Normal classroom and office operations may continue. Rooms will be locked until further information is given to staff via verbal communication. (This procedure is for HEIGHTENED AWARENESS). This may include hazardous materials, severe weather, law enforcement issues, or situations that are taking place at other schools, etc. If there is an issue with hazardous materials, more information will be given to seal your doors, windows, etc. School administrator/district staff will provide verbal communication for the ALL CLEAR.
  • Lockout Perimeter - Staff and students remain inside classrooms and work areas with doors locked. The outside school perimeter is locked (if possible). Normal change of classes may take place as directed by the principal or district administrator. School administrator/district staff will provide open communication via intercom and email.
  • Reverse Evacuation - Reverse evacuation procedures are implemented when conditions inside the building are safer than outside (example-playground time, AM/PM dismissal, etc.). These procedures are often implemented in combination with other procedures (example - lockdown, shelter in place, etc.) in order to ensure the safety of students and staff who are outside the building. Direct verbal communication will be given via intercom, email, etc. by building level administration.
  • Tornado - All staff and students go to the hallways. If you are on an upper floor, go to a first floor hallway. With your head facing the wall, lie face down, draw your knees up under you and cover the back of your head with your hands. Staff and students should avoid large open areas such as the gym and cafeteria. Stay away from items that can become movable.
  • All staff are required to wear their name badge at all times. If you see an adult in the building without a name badge, please escort them to the office immediately.
  • Remind your students to NEVER open exterior doors.

Emergency escape routes, with two exit routes, shall be posted in all areas of the building to include classrooms, commons areas, and hallways.

ALL CLASSROOM DOORS SHALL BE LOCKED AT ALL TIMES. A locked door is the best deterrent for intruders.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Pete Fraley, BCPS Safe Schools Coordinator, at 606-928-7100.

For the information above in a downloadable pdf file, click here:  Drill and Emergency Procedures